450 years of
Pieter Bruegel

BEYOND BRUEGEL immerses you – literally – in the life and work of the Flemish master Pieter Bruegel the Elder. 

Centuries-old paintings meet technology at the Palais de la Dynastie in Brussels.

Palais de la Dynastie, Brussels | 2019 is Bruegel Year and Brussels will be the centre of activity. On Saturday 6 April, the exhibition ‘Beyond Bruegel’ will be opened to the general public in the monumental Palais de la Dynastie. It’s an innovative art experience in which the works of the Flemish master Pieter Bruegel the Elder are enlarged to become immersive projections. In various rooms, visitors can explore the style and oeuvre of the painter, and will then be immersed in a 360-degree projection that’s like stepping into the great master’s extraordinary world. His artworks seem to come to life all around you as you wander through the landscapes that inspired him. The exhibition ends up at Plein Publiek, where you can drink Duvel on tap along with hip, updated versions of classic Flemish cuisine from the chef.

Pieter Bruegel spent the final years of his life in Brussels. The masterpieces that our capital inspired him to create include Winter Landscape with Ice skaters and Bird trap, and The Peasant Wedding. In 2019 – exactly 450 years after the artist’s death – the city is honouring the master. And what better location could there be for an exhibition on Bruegel than the ‘Mont des Arts’. In the monumental Palais de la Dynastie, in the very heart of the city, an astonishing multimedia exhibition is being organised that offers an in-depth look at the life and work of the Flemish master.

Ben Weyts, Flemish Minister for Tourism: “Via Tourism Flanders, I am investing 300,000 euros in this unique experience. It’s a low-threshold exhibition that will fascinate a wide audience: whether you’re an amateur or an authority, from Flanders or Florida, aged 1 to 101. With the entire Flemish Masters programme around Bruegel, Rubens and Van Eyck, we aim to attract 3 million visitors from around the globe to Flanders.”

Peter De Wilde, CEO Tourism Flanders:“Each one of the Flemish Masters projects is dear to our hearts and they therefore reflect the DNA of our tourism destination. That also means that they will speak to the hearts and minds of just the type of visitors that we love to welcome to the world of tourism in Flanders. These are people from all around the world who are looking for cultural added value: visitors who take time to truly enjoy the multifaceted beauty that Flanders has to offer.”

Surrounded by rebel angels

Visitors to the exhibition will become part of the artworks, both literally and figuratively. In the first room, details from a number of works by Bruegel will be projected and you will discover elements from the paintings that you might never have noticed before. In the next room, you will see projections of the seven original Bruegel works currently housed in Belgium (The Adoration of the Kings, The Fall of the Rebel Angels, Winter landscape with Ice skaters and Bird trap, the Numbering at Bethlehem – which are on display in Brussels, and the original works, Twelve Proverbs and Dulle Griet, which are on view in Antwerp).

When you go down the stairs, you will find yourself entering a life-sized version of ‘The Fall of the Rebel Angels’. At the top, you’ll think you’ve gone to heaven, surrounded by angels swirling all around you, while the descent to the bottom of the stairs will bring you to the underworld.

The absolute showpiece has got to be the 360-degree projection–the last stop in the exhibition – that plunges you into the world of Bruegel. You will be walking, so to speak, alongside Dulle Griet’s army or sailing on a ship at the foot of the Tower of Babel and you’ll encounter the unique characters produced by his remarkable vision. While the works come to life, Bruegel will tell the story of his life and work as well as musings on his thoughts and anxieties.

Manfred Sellink

Bruegel expert Manfred Sellink shared his knowledge of Bruegel with CREATE.eu, who designed the ‘Beyond Bruegel’ experience: “Bruegel pushes the viewer in a certain direction, he unconsciously draws the eye. In this experience, parts of his artworks that viewers might otherwise overlook have been enlarged. Bruegel’s handling of detail especially comes into focus. It is as if you are being pulled into the work.”

Plein Publiek BXL

And when at last you’ve had enough of wandering through the exhibition? Then you’ll come out into Plein Publiek. Because the Palais de la Dynastie is not only the ultimate place to discover Bruegel –it’s also the very latest Brussels hotspot. In the monumental building, a greenhouse has been built where you can enjoy tasty brunch, outstanding concerts, jazz and dance nights, workshops, vintage markets,… Hungry? Just like in the Antwerp edition of Plein Publiek, inside the greenhouse, there’s also a bar and a contemporary restaurant. The Bruegel theme has been extended into the food on the menu at Plein Publiek BXL, and guests will be treated to hip updates to classic Flemish cuisine. Great food, accompanied by Duvel on tap or a Bruegel beer: sounds like just the right finish to your visit to ‘Beyond Bruegel’.


Beyond Bruegel & Plein Publiek BXL
Mont des Arts (Kunstberg) 5, 1000 Brussel

The exhibition runs through January 2020 and makes the perfect (family) daytrip. Beyond Bruegel is not only an original activity for the kids, it’s an especially child-friendly exhibition. Great for families, but also for teachers, schools and youth organisations.

Tickets and info via https://beyondbruegel.be/
Prices: A ticket for Beyond Bruegel costs €13.50 (weekdays) and €14.50 on weekends. Students (-26) and over-65 pay €11.50 (weekdays) and €12.50 on Saturdays and Sundays. For children under 5, admission is free; ticket prices for children from ages 5 to 12 are €9.50 (weekdays) and €10.50 on weekends. Families who visit together (two adults + two children) pay €39 during the week and €45 on Saturdays and Sundays.

The full programme of Plein Publiek BXL is available on http://pleinpubliek.be/


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