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APRIL 2019 - JANUARY 2020

Beyond Bruegel offers a fully immersive experience into Bruegel’s life and work in celebration of his 450th death anniversary.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder is considered one of the most significant artists of Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting (ca.1525 - 1569). Bruegel was fascinated by nature, humanity and humor. Thus, he is known for his detailed landscapes, comical views and colorful representations of peasant life. BEYOND BRUEGEL takes you on a journey of discovery through the world of the artist and offers different and most of all unexpected insights.
In this expo you won't find any real paintings, but ultra high-quality projections and animated details from Bruegel's work.

Four Rooms

The visit starts on the second floor of the Palais de la Dynastie. In the first room, you can discover the style characteristics of Pieter Bruegel the Elder selected by theme. There are no words used, only for itself speaking images filled with emotion.

In the second room you can take your time to get acquainted with the opulent oeuvre of the Flemish master. You discover where in the world his original paintings can be found, whilst you admire both his masterpieces and extracted details.

When you go down the stairs, you will find yourself entering an animated version of ‘The Fall of the Rebel Angels’. The angels and devils will accompany you during the descent into the underworld, where Bruegel himself takes it from them to take you into a unique art experience.

The last stop and highlight of the experience is a 360-degree projection that plunges you into the world of Bruegel. You'll be walking through Bruegel's paintings and engravings! You'll stand, so to speak, alongside Mad Meg’s army or will be sailing on a ship at the foot of the Tower of Babel. While the works come to life, Bruegel will tell the story of his life and work as well as musings on his thoughts and anxieties.

Bruegel expert Prof. Dr. Manfred Sellink

“The unbridled imagination and ingenuity with which Pieter Bruegel developed his compositions down to the last detail should not be underestimated. It is without doubt one of the main reasons why one generation after another has been fascinated by this master's work. The way he develops the details of his compositions is not only full of brilliant inventions and technical bravura, it is also very funny.

Despite all my years of study and research I am always surprised at how many new things there are to discover.

This is exactly the reason why Beyond Bruegel is an excellent occasion to rediscover the work of Bruegel. This immersive experience makes art more than accessible. It’s a high-quality exhibition that makes the work of the Flemish master tangible for all ages.”

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